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"I'm Still Missing You" has been ranked # 22 among the
50 most played songs in Europe by The European
Country Music Association (ECMA).






# 1. Austria
# 4. United Kingdom
# 5. Germany
# 11. France
# 16. Belgium
# 18. Norway
# 18. Sweden
# 19. Spain

Indie World CD Review

BILL DURHAM - "I'VE GOT THE SONG"   Bill is back with his latest CD.  This rendition is his best yet.  His selection of songs never cease to amaze me.  If you are looking for a "real stylist", try this CD.  I W Picks ... "I've Got The Song" ... "My Own Sweet Time" ... "I'm Still Missing You" ... "That's All She Wrote". On Bull Records.


  • Cor Laponder- IFM Radio, Holland "Girls in the front-girls in the back- we love it"
  • Paul Davis- country Music Roundup magazine, UK,
    "rockabilly rides again"
  • Hans Mair- Radio Osttirol, Austria- "Super"
  • Barry Dixon- Now Dig This magazine, UK,
     "good record-should do well"
  • Brette Dominique- Triangle FM Radio, France
    "It's my kind of music"
  • Al Field- Triple U FM Radio, Australia
    "simply proves that good rockabilly lives"
  • Maurice Hope- Country Music Roundup magazine, UK,
    "turn the clock back to 1955 and how this guy captures
     that old, much revered sound"
  • Lars Lindberg- MCWC Radio, Sweden,
    "I believe that this is the best song I've heard in a long time"
  • Lionel Sewell- Isles FM Radio, UK,
    "definitely a 'Cadillac' of a song"
  • Ted Clark- Grensland Radio, Holland,
    "Cark Perkins would love this"
  • Brian Sharman- Wycombe Radio, UK,
    "This is very good-more please"
  • John Brookfield- Pathfinder Magazine, UK,
    "will go down well with the rockers"
  • Dann Hansen- Roskilde Radio, Denmark,
    "this rockabilly music brings back many memories"
  • Massimo Ferro- Radio Voce Spazio, Italy,
    "great song-great version-great artist"
  • Valeri Baxter- 2XX FM Radio, Australia,
    "Good rockabilly- I like it"
  • Caroll Parham- KCLW AM 900,
    Hamilton, Texas
    "I listen to a lot of music, and Bill
    Durham is an artist who sings some
    very good music that listeners would
    appreciate. I enjoy it and hope you do


"Bill Durham makes it known he's no ordinary revivalist. The man is a proudly staunch traditionalist, true, with an affinity for the country and rockabilly of the '50s and '60s yet without being either a tepid copyist or giving the music a forced psycho-billy update.... Playing with a retro sense of phrasing and swing that finds a soul mate in the late Sun Records great Malcolm Yelvington, whose voice Durham's resembles." Bill Ellis, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN


"...Rockabilly rides again" Paul Davis- Country Music Roundup magazine, UK


"Carl Perkins would love this." Ted Clark- Grensland Radio, Holland


"Your song has already been to # 14 in the Hotdisc Most Popular Tracks Chart as voted for by the most influential DJs in Europe and some even further afield. Only the elite tracks from the recent Hotdiscs deemed good enough by the DJs get into this chart on merit so this is a great achievement; and there are many major label acts in the Top 40 too." Hotdisc

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